BAUX Acoustic Felt

BAUX Acoustic Felt is a next generation textile, made from upcycled and 100% traceable post-production textiles in partnership with The Loop Factory.

Upcycled textile offcuts

The offcuts consist of a 100% polyester based thread, sourced from Ludvig Svensson—resources which normally would have been incinerated.

Low melt polyester fibre

BAUX Acoustic Felt is made out of upcycled textile offcuts combined with a low melt polyester fibre that gives the material its structure.

Pushing things forward for the greater good

John Löfgren from award-winning industrial design studio Form Us With Love on creating the most sustainable felt product on the market yet.
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BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt screens

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Felt colours

Black Mix

Grey Mix

White Mix

The acoustics of BAUX Flexfelt

Desk screens

Floor screens

Made of 100% traceable textile offcuts from Swedish factory floors.

Natural palette of enduring colours, each with a unique identity.

Produced as a single standardised sheet ensure minimal waste.

Cut into 9 versatile sizes to meet all your design needs.

Minimal number of hardware pieces to avoid unnecessary production.

Well-placed grooves for a perfect fit and flexible assembly.

A remarkably versatile system.

Desk top

Desk side

Desk stand


Explore the BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt system

Interview with Flexfelt designer John Löfgren