BAUX Acoustic Felt

Two different materials.
Same circular mindset.

A next generation textile, made from upcycled and 100% traceable post-production textiles in partnership with The Loop Factory.

A next generation textile, made from GRS certified Recycled PET bottles sourced from recycling entities across Europe.

BAUX Textile Offcuts

  • Upcycled and 100% traceable textile offcuts.
  • 100% polyester based threads.
  • Low melt polyester fibre gives the material structure.
  • Threads sourced from Ludvig Svensson.
  • Resources would normally have been incinerated.
  • In partnership with The Loop Factory.

BAUX Recycled PET

  • Made from GRS certified recycled PET bottles.
  • Sourced from recycling entities in Europe.
  • Bottles are washed and chipped into recycled PET flakes.
  • Flakes melted down and spun into recycled fibres.
  • Fibres used to make our Acoustic Felt panels.
  • Accredited by IOAS.

From the natural variegated colour schemes of Textile Offcuts, to the vibrant range of Recycled PET, our Acoustic Felt materials fits in perfectly at any office environment.


Recycled PET colours

Light Grey


Dark Grey


Coral Red

Jade Green

Textile Offcuts colours

Black Mix

Grey Mix

White Mix


Let´s Build!

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The acoustic properties of BAUX Flexfelt

Desk screens

Product measurements

Floor screens

Product measurements

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