Introducing Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour

Inspired by Swedish Colour Traditions, Developed for the Future

We proudly announce the new colour additions to our Acoustic Pulp line

Our expanded selection of bio-based colours is specially designed to enhance the acoustic quality of various interior spaces such as offices, hotels, schools, and healthcare facilities. Previously available only in a natural wheat mix, we've now broadened our offerings through rigorous research to include a range of subdued and biodegradable colours.

The Palette

This new colour palette allows Interior Architects and Interior Designers to enhance acoustics while honouring sustainable design principles. The bio-based colours in our Acoustic Pulp line seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

Bio Natural Wheat

Cellulose, Water, Wheat, Potato Starch, Wax and Citrus Fruit

Bio Natural Wheat was launched earlier in 2019. This natural colour is achieved using 5 % wheat bran, creating an organic expression.

Bio Blue Chalk

A Sustainable Blue Shade Crafted with Plant Extracts and Minerals

Blue Chalk is crafted from a reliable blend of plant extracts and minerals, offering a sustainable and long-lasting option for architectural endeavours. Its nuanced hue aligns with classical architectural styles while satisfying modern standards.

Bio Green Soil

A Dependable and
Eco-Friendly Green Shade for Timeless Design

Green Soil is formulated from biodegradable plant materials and earth-derived minerals. This ecologically conscious option offers a durable, lasting colour that seamlessly complements both contemporary and classical architectural designs.

Bio Red Mud

Durable and Sustainable,
Rooted in Natural Earth Pigments

Comprising mineral-rich pigments, Red Mud is an eco-friendly red hue suitable for a range of architectural applications. Its premium formulation ensures durability and colour retention, making it an ideal choice for projects seeking to harmonise elements with design.

Bio Yellow Terra

An Eco-Friendly Yellow, Composed of Plant Extracts and Mineral Elements

Yellow Terra is a robust yellow hue made from sustainable plant extracts and earth minerals. Designed for architectural projects that demand both the grandeur of classical design and the ethics of modern, eco-friendly materials, Yellow Terra offers the best of both worlds.

Bio Rose Clay

Sustainable Rose Hue Made from Biodegradable Raw Materials

Rose Clay blends biodegradable elements with a refined rose shade, producing a visually captivating and environmentally responsible colour. This hue gives architects a sustainable colour choice that harmonises classical aesthetics and modern ecological needs.

The Story Behind Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour

Over time, contrasting colours have been utilised to emphasise structural elements of buildings, such as facades, mouldings, shutters, and trim. During the National Romantic era, the colour of red lime paint became immensely popular, especially for rural houses and urban villas.

Later, a decade back, classical designs with symmetrical facades and subdued colours were favoured, such as muted ochre yellow, pink, grey, and green. The BAUX Acoustic Pulp Colour line pays tribute to this rich history of colour while also meeting modern aesthetic and ecological standards.

How can I mix and match patterns and colours?

The patterns of BAUX Acoustic Pulp panels are inspired by origami, the art of folding paper, and are available in two architecture-inspired lines and shapes: Origami Pulse, and Origami Energy. Mix and match the patterns with the new Acoustic Pulp Bio colours to create aesthetic, sound-absorbing and durable spaces in receptions, offices, meeting and co-working rooms, and other common areas. Choose between five new Bio colours – Bio Blue Chalk, Bio Green Soil, Bio Red Mud, Bio Yellow Terra and Bio Rose Clay.

The material behind Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour

BAUX Acoustic Pulp is made of 100 % natural ingredients, including cellulose from sustainably harvested fir and pine trees, wheat bran, and potato starch for strength. To provide fire protection, plant-derived wax is used, and intermolecular fusions are created with the aid of citrus fruit acids to ensure durability. During production, water is recycled in a closed-loop system for reuse in the next batch.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp drastically pushes the boundaries of cellulosic properties to a completely new level








Pollution or waste

Biomimicry engineered



Fire retardant

Water repellent

Colour made from wheat

Laser enhanced sound absorption

Acoustic Pulp Patterns

BAUX Acoustic Pulp patterns

* Observe when the pattern Energy and Pulse are installed vertically side by side,
the lines in these panels will not align perfectly due to their different patterns.

Acoustic Pulp Natural Wheat

Pulp Natural Wheat

Wheat 05%

Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour

Colour - derived from wheat.

The Acoustic Pulp panel – Natural Wheat is achieved using 5% wheat bran. With the three origami patterns, you can combine endless possibilities for harmonising with different space designs.

Pulp Bio Colours

Bio Blue Chalk

Bio Green Soil

Bio Red Mud

Bio Yellow Terra

Bio Rose Clay

Biodegradable colours.

A palette comprising subdued, biodegradable colours provides the opportunity to enhance acoustics while also honouring principles of sustainable design. The bio-based colours seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp Toolkit

If you want all the files and instructions gathered in one package – look no further! This toolkit contains all the BAUX Acoustic Pulp files you will need.

  • Catalogue – (.pdf)
  • Brochure – (.pdf)
  • Installation manual – (.pdf)
  • BIM / Revit – (.zip)
  • CAD / 3d – (.zip)
  • Mounting DWG – (.dwg)
  • AI Files – (.ai)

Brochures & catalogues


View and download our latest web brochure. Fewer pages and higher resolution for print.
  • .pdf


The larger catalogue is web optimised for desktop viewing and the size allows the catalogue to be forwarded. The catalogue is made as a magazine and contains the story of BAUX Acoustic Pulp, Into the wild along with measurements.

  •  .pdf

Installation manual

See mounting and installation instructions for BAUX Acoustic Pulp Panels.

  • .pdf

3D files - Acoustic Pulp


For many working professionals, 3d and CAD modelling is an essential tool for visualising design for upcoming projects. Download all Acoustic Pulp files that work with AutoCAD, Sketchup, ArchiCAD, Rhino among others.

  • .3ds
  • .dwg
  • .dxf
  • .igs
  • .skp
  • .sldprt
  • .step


Revit files for Pulp products.

  • .rfa

Adobe files - Acoustic Pulp

Adobe Illustrator

All our acoustic Pulp products are featured as Adobe Illustrator files. An easy and efficient tool to make designs.

  • .ai

Adobe Photoshop

All our acoustic Pulp products are featured as vectorized photoshop files. An easy and efficient tool to make designs.

  • .psd


Material Data Sheet

In the material data specification sheet (MSDS) you can find all essential information about the BAUX Acoustic Pulp in a compressed way. See the measurements, material specifications, installation and general information about the acoustic Pulp in this material data sheet.

  • .pdf

Request Samples

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Certificates & Technical Documents

Sustainability is a fundamental part of our core business model. Designing the sustainable acoustic building materials for tomorrow means producing environmentally friendly materials today. Find out more on our sustainability and certificate site.

How do I order Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour?

Contact your local BAUX representative to learn more about Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour and how to order.

More questions about Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour? We have the answers for you on our FAQ page.

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