BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt System

Introducing the most sustainable felt product on the market yet. Ensuring that every stage of the product’s lifetime creates minimal environmental impact. From design and production to use and recycling. Simple. Smart. Fun. Circular.

BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt Screens

BAUX Textile Offcuts

  • Upcycled and 100% traceable textile offcuts.
  • 100% polyester based threads.
  • Low melt polyester fibre gives the material structure.
  • Threads sourced from Ludvig Svensson.
  • Resources would normally have been incinerated.
  • In partnership with The Loop Factory.

BAUX Recycled PET

  • Made from GRS certified recycled PET bottles.
  • Sourced from recycling entities in Europe.
  • Bottles are washed and chipped into recycled PET flakes.
  • Flakes melted down and spun into recycled fibres.
  • Fibres used to make our Acoustic Felt panels.
  • Accredited by IOAS.

BAUX Recycled PET is made out of GRS certified recycled PET bottles sourced from Europe.

A versatile palette of six colours ranging from light grey to vibrant coral.

Well-placed grooves for a perfect fit and flexible assembly.

BAUX Textile Offcuts is made of 100% traceable textile offcuts from Swedish factory floors.

Natural palette of enduring colours, each with a unique identity.

Produced as a single standardised sheet ensure minimal waste.

The acoustic properties of BAUX Flexfelt

Desk screens

Product measurements

Floor screens

Product measurements

Acoustic Flexfelt, a remarkably versatile system.

Desk top

Desk side

Desk stand

Floor Stand

With naturally variegated colours.

As a consequence of the upcycled textiles and recycled PET, the colour schemes of BAUX Flexfelt have naturally variegated identities, a perfect reflection of the material’s diverse origins—and one more loop closed.

Recycled PET colours

Light Grey


Dark Grey


Coral Red

Jade Green

Textile Offcuts colours

Black Mix

Grey Mix

White Mix

Creating endless interior possibilites.

Find more inspiration here

Tailor smart solutions.


Download toolkit

If you want all the files and instructions gathered in one package – look no further! This toolkit contains all the BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt files you will need.

  • How to use toolkit – (.txt)
  • Catalogue, metric – (.pdf)
  • Mounting instructions – (.pdf)
  • BIM / Revit – (.zip)
  • CAD / 3d – (.zip)
  • Texture Files – (.jpeg)

Brochures & catalogues


View and download our latest web brochure. Fewer pages and higher resolution for print.

  • .pdf

3D files - Felt


For many working professionals, 3D and CAD modelling is an essential tool for visualising design for upcoming projects. Download all Acoustic Felt files that work with AutoCAD, Sketchup, Solidworks among others.

  • .dwg
  • .skp
  • .step


Revit files for all acoustic felt products includes detailed elements with BAUX color schedule. For more information see attached .txt in the folder.

  • .rfa

Mounting DWG for Felt products

Mounting file & installation instructions (.pdf) to attach to drawings.

  • .pdf

Textures files - felt


Texture files can be used to create renderings, in Revit models or as color samples.

  • .jpg


Request Samples

If you are interested in getting colour samples for your upcoming project, let us know!

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Sustainability is a fundamental part of our core business model. Designing the sustainable acoustic building materials for tomorrow means producing environmentally friendly materials today. Find out more on our sustainability and certificate site.


Forest Stewardship Council
Endorsement of Forest Certification
The Health Product Declaration
Environmental Product Declaration

Indoor air VOC

Indoor Air Comfort GOLD (EU)
Indoor Air Comfort (US)


CE – For Safety, Health and environment
Sunda Hus Certification
Google Portico

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