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We founded BAUX on the belief that building materials should be sustainable, surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. BAUX designs, produces and markets functional construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders – without compromising tomorrow’s safety and environmental standards.

Our beliefs

For us, the BAUX brand is our perception of what we do, what we stand for, and what makes us relevant. Our mission is to change the world for the better. A conversation between two students excels into brilliance, a business meeting gone right leads to new potential or leaders of nations coming to an agreement that matters to the world – all thanks to restful acoustics in residential buildings, industrial premises and public spaces.
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We are BAUX

In 2013, Johan Ronnestam, Fredrik Franzon and the founding members of Form Us With Love; Jonas Petterson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér set out to innovate the world of acoustic materials. Together, they had a mission to create a global interior and architect material brand created better working conditions for the people worldwide.

Founding partners

Founding partner
Fredrik Franzon
Founding partner
Johan Ronnestam
Founding partner
John Löfgren
Founding partner
Petrus Palmér
Founding partner
Jonas Pettersson

Selection of staff

CEO & CoFounder
Fredrik Franzon
Head of Marketing
Niki Gynnerstedt
Order & Supply Chain Lead
Rebecca Johansson
Sales Coordinator
Viktor Falck
Head of Sales Sweden
Frida Lihnblå
Head of Sales Network
Sanna Friberg

Designed by
Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love is a Swedish industrial design studio operating from Stockholm. For eight years, the studio has put dialogue at centre stage for development, using design as a catalyst to position the design brands of tomorrow. Together the studio has partnered with craftsmen, engineers and material experts to challenge the conventional through design. Collaborations include; Scandinavian and international brands such as Ateljé Lyktan, Cappellini, DePadova, FontanaArte, Muuto, Design House Stockholm and One Nordic Furniture Company.

In 2012, Fast Company named Form Us With Love as one of the world´s ’50 most influential designers shaping the future’. During the Stockholm Design Week 2013, Form Us With Love was announced as proud winners of Swedish Elle Decoration´s annual award ‘Designers of the year 2013’.



Träullit: Part of our history

Our first product BAUX TILES was created together with Träullit, a traditional family business, founded in 1946 by Lennart Rääf. Today it is headed by his son Bengt Rääf. The company has since made boards and panels of cement bound wood wool. Wood wool of spruce, a fascinating material, sprung from our nature, joined together with pure cement, provides unique features to any building. Features that provide sound absorption, excellent thermal insulation capacity, high thermal storage capacity, proven highly resistant to fire, mold and rot, mechanically strong and good plaster base. The headquarters and factory are located in Österbymo in southern Östergötland

Pulp: Part of the future

Our second product is BAUX Acoustic Pulp – developed together with scientist and manufactured in our hometown of Stockholm. This time, we had the vision to create an acoustical solution that would be uncompromisingly sustainable in every way— from the resources and materials to the manufacturing process, and the impact of the product at the end of its life. All while achieving the right characteristics for optimal sound absorption and meeting the contemporary design expectations of modern architects and designers.

The factory is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

“BAUX provided a unique insight into the traditional world of construction. Suddenly our heritage became our future.”

Bengt Rääf


“In the face of climate change, enviromental pollution, and excessive consumerism, we as an industry can no longer afford to ignore the part we play. The new BAUX Acoustic Pulp is the result of our deep commitment to this vision.”

Fredrik Franzon

CEO and founding partner

Our mission to create safe, functional and acoustic spaces for human beings has resulted in projects in over 30 countries. BAUX acoustic tiles and panels can be found in over 1500 projects worldwide.

Global brands choose BAUX

Some of our recent projects

Get inspired and see what other working professionals have done with
BAUX acoustic wood wool and BAUX acoustic Pulp. Visit our inspiration section or click on a case.

Heimstaden, Berlin

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DC Meadow

  • Office
  • Meeting

Stensberggata 26

  • Education
  • Meeting
  • Co-working


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  • Hospitality
  • Meeting
  • Co-working


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What the clients are saying

We thought about creating our own pattern for the BAUX design but there are just so many lovely patterns in the BAUX pattern tool, we quickly found something that we loved.

Jasper Sanders

Design Director

We love our wall! It’s fantastic and works so well. We also receive lots of compliments on it.

Stephanie Morgan

The colours and texture of BAUX wood wool tiles offer something unique. The texture of BAUX wood wool tiles offer something unique. They absorb sound reflections and the colours transformed a concrete underground space into something comfortable and welcoming.

Jasper Sanders

Design Director
Jasper Sanders + Partners

Our headquarters

Our showroom and office are located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Your welcome to come by at any time – but please let us know prior to your visit!

For international sales and showrooms, please visit the international representation page.


Sankt Eriksgatan 106
113 31
Sweden+46 8 21 07 07