A synchronised colour palette
for designing healthier interiors from ceiling to floor

Welcome to a place where floors and walls play well together. Here, BAUX Acoustics and Tarkett flooring unite in a harmonised colour palette to create a toolkit primed for designing healthier and more sustainable interiors where people can thrive.

Let’s play!

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool

BAUX believes that we can build more restful and contemporary interiors today without compromising the safety and environmental standards of tomorrow. With Acoustic Wood Wool they have combined two of the world’s oldest building materials—wood and cement—to create high-functioning acoustic tiles that are low impact and fully recyclable.

The open material structure of Acoustic Wood Wool tiles effectively dampens noise, helping designers create interiors where people can rest, think, and collaborate. Suitable for all climates, the material also supplies excellent insulating, heat retention, strength, moisture resistance and fire protection properties.

Tarkett DESSO AirMaster®

We are living, breathing beings on a living, breathing planet. That’s why Tarkett believes it is essential to protect the air we breathe. Using DESSO’s AirMaster® carpet tiles, designers can clear the air of interior spaces for greater human and environmental health and well-being.

Tarkett’s patented DESSO AirMaster® technology helps to improve indoor air quality by capturing and retaining fine dust eight times more effectively than smooth floors and four times more effectively than standard carpet. As a sound-absorbent material, the carpet tiles additionally function as a key interior element for creating more restful and focused environments.

Inspirational meeting of function, colour and texture

To build a bridge and get the multi-textural flooring, wall and ceiling surfaces of Tarkett and BAUX to speak the same colour language, we called upon the international design studio Form Us With Love. The result is a thoughtfully coordinated and versatile palette, ranging from grounding minerals to warming florals and lofty forest hues.

We want to provide professional creatives with a means of exploring mix-and-match possibilities and achieving an infinite range of palette diversity within the realm of architecture.

John Löfgren, Co-Founder of Form Us With Love

The Colour Range


Where effortless sophistication, power plays, and intellectual conversations begin. The Midnights Collection was born in the night sky, wandering from Platinum and Graphite Greys to Onyx Black.

Acoustic Wood Wool

Air Onyx Black
Air Graphite Grey
Air Platinum Grey

AirMaster® Classic

AD20 9032 - 712211014
AD20 9030 - 712211013
AD20 9505 - 712211017

AirMaster® Earth

AD31 9990 - 712244019
AD31 9512 - 712244017
AD31 9056 - 712244002

AirMaster® Sphere

AD31 9032 - 712218014
AD21 9030 - 712218013
AD21 9505 - 712218017


A clean slate for simple statements, and a cooperative starting point for vibrant interior features. The Neutrals Collection ranges from Chalk White to cool and stabilising Ash and Charcoal Greys.

Acoustic Wood Wool

Air Neutral Chalk W.
Air Neutral Charcoal G.
Air Neutral Ash Grey

AirMaster® Classic

AD20 9517 - 712211018
AD20 9520 - 712211019
AD20 9107 - 712211016

AirMaster® Earth

AD31 9515 - 712244018
AD31 9112 - 712244016
AD31 9535 - 712244003

AirMaster® Sphere

AD21 9517 - 712218018
AD21 9520 - 712218019
AD21 9107 - 712218016


Instantly grounding expressions in beige inspired by the building blocks of earth.

In the Minerals Collection, you’ll discover classic Vanilla as well as warm and inviting shades in Sand and Dune.

Acoustic Wood Wool

Air Vanilla Beige
Air Dune Beige
Air Sand Beige

AirMaster® Classic

AD20 9096 - 712211015
AD20 1510 - 712211002
AD20 2926 - 712211006

AirMaster® Earth

AD31 9094 - 712244015
AD31 1960 - 712244004
AD31 2023 - 712244005

AirMaster® Sphere

AD21 9096 - 712218015
AD21 1510 - 712218002
AD21 2926 - 712218006


A voyage from deep and confident waters to iron-rich shorelines. The Oceanic Collection empowers calm yet authoritative interiors with Navy and Sapphire blues and spirited Brick Red.

Acoustic Wood Wool

Air Navy Blue
Air Sapphire Blue
Air Brick Red

AirMaster® Classic

AD20 8801 - 712211010
AD20 8803 - 712211011
AD20 2092 - 712211005

AirMaster® Earth

AD31 8911 - 712244013
AD31 8802 - 712244012
AD31 2091 - 712244008

AirMaster® Sphere

AD21 8801 - 712218010
AD21 8803 - 712218011
AD21 2092 - 712218005


Heat and playfulness bloom in this colour trio primed for spontaneous accents and bold interior statements. In the Florals Collection you’ll find Blush Pink, Amber Orange and Cinnamon Brown.

Acoustic Wood Wool

Air Blush Pink
Air Amber Orange
Air Cinnamon Brown

AirMaster® Classic

AD20 2084 - 712211004
AD20 6018 - 712211007
AD20 2058 - 712211003

AirMaster® Earth

AD31 2083 - 712244007
AD31 6001 - 712244009
AD31 2067 - 712244006

AirMaster® Sphere

AD21 2084 - 712218004
AD21 6018 - 712218007
AD21 2058 - 712218003


A balanced existence between ground and sky. The Forests collection offers colours for building stable spaces where fresh ideas can grow—with revitalising greens in Jade, Olive and Emerald.

Acoustic Wood Wool

Air Jade Green
Air Olive Green
Air Emerald Green

AirMaster® Classic

AD20 8926 - 712211012
AD20 7924 - 712211009
AD20 7912 - 712211008

AirMaster® Earth

AD31 8924 - 712244014
AD31 7922 - 712244011
AD31 7921 - 712244010

AirMaster® Sphere

AD21 8926 - 712218012
AD21 7924 - 712218009
AD21 7912 - 712218008

BAUX Wood Wool
Architecture Toolkit

If you want all the files and instructions gathered in one package – look no further! This toolkit contains all the Acoustic Wood Wool files you will need.

  • How to use toolkit – (.txt)
  • Catalogue – (.pdf)
  • Brochure – (.pdf)
  • Installation Manual – (.pdf)
  • BIM / Revit – (.zip)
  • CAD / 3d – (.zip)
  • Mounting DWG – (.dwg)
  • AI Files – (.ai)
  • Texture Files – (.jpeg)

Brochures & Catalogues


View and download our latest web brochure. Fewer pages and higher resolution for print.

  • .pdf


View and download our latest web Wood Wool catalogue.

  • .pdf

Installation manual

Download the BAUX mounting and installation instructions before installing BAUX products.

  • .pdf

3D files - Wood Wool


For many working professionals, 3D and CAD modelling is an essential tool for visualising design for upcoming projects. Download all Acoustic Wood Wool files that work with AutoCAD, Sketchup, ArchiCAD, Rhino among others.

  • .3ds
  • .dwg
  • .dxf
  • .igs
  • .skp
  • .sldprt
  • .step


Revit files for all acoustic wood wool products include detailed elements with BAUX colour schedule. For more information, see attached .txt in the folder.

  • .rfa

Mounting DWG for Wood Wool products

Mounting file & installation instructions (.dwg) to attach to drawings.

  • .dwg

Adobe files - Wood Wool

Adobe Illustrator

All our acoustic wood wool products are featured as Adobe Illustrator files. An easy and efficient tool to make designs.

  • .ai

Textures files - Wood Wool


Texture files can be used to create renderings or as colour samples (rgb).

  • .jpg


Powerpoint/Keynote Tool

Both Keynote and Powerpoint can be used as a time-efficient tool to start the idea process. Start designing, “drag & drop” objects and align to make a design. This tool can also be used in workshops or with clients.

  • .key
  • .pptx

Material data sheet

See or download the BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool material data sheet (MSDS).

  • .pdf

Request Samples

If you are interested in getting colour samples for your upcoming project, let us know!

Contact your local representation.

Contact us.

Certificates & Technical Documents

Sustainability is a fundamental part of our core business model. Designing the sustainable acoustic building materials for tomorrow means producing environmentally friendly materials today. Find out more on our sustainability and certificate site.

Endless design possibilities

An inspirational meeting of function, colour and texture. Brought together by the shared values of well-being and environmental responsibility, BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool tiles for ceilings and walls help absorb noise for clearer thinking, while DESSO AirMaster® flooring technology reduces fine dust for easier breathing. Here, they unite in a harmonised colour palette—a toolkit primed for creating healthier and more sustainable interiors where people can thrive.

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