We aim for
climate neutrality.

BAUX was born from our love for nature. 
Since we launched BAUX in 2013, sustainability has been a fundamental part of our core business model. The sustainable mindset is part of our DNA.

We aim for climate neutrality and hope to inspire and challenge our friends and colleagues in the design sector to do the same. We as an industry can no longer afford to ignore the part we play.

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We take all scopes into consideration in our journey to become climate neutral. The first step is to understand and quantify our emissions.

We've traced and measured all emissions from:

The second step is to reduce our emissions wherever possible. During 2021, we reduced our emissions through:

Green energy in Stockholm Head Quarters (agents not included).

Green energy in our Swedish and Australian factories.

Bikes for the employees commute.

Only necessary international travel.

Reduced taxi journeys.

The third step is offsetting.

Offsetting is a climate action that enables us to compensate for the emissions we cannot avoid, by supporting worthy projects that reduce emissions somewhere else. When we offset out emissions with Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs), we have chosen to take climate action through a process which is overseen by the United Nations.

We have purchased CERs that are issued from trustworthy climate-friendly projects called Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. CDM projects take place in developing countries and contribute to their sustainable development. Each project goes through a strict and thorough vetting process.

We are aware that offsetting our Co2 emissions is not equal to being Climate Neutral. However, we believe that through offsetting towards trustworthy CDM projects, we can help initiatives that do good for our planet.

We offset to green projects around the world:

Cook stove project by Nkhata Bay District Read more

Solar Power Project by Baba Group Read more

Gangwon Wind Park Project Read more

Guiding Principles

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BAUX was born from our love of nature.

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