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At BAUX, sustainability is at the core of our company. It goes through every aspect, from business operations to production units and everything between and beyond. We are devoted to sustainability in our thoughts and actions every day. This commitment does not end even when our products have reached the end of their useful life.

We know our customers appreciate this approach, too. That’s why we make it easy to reuse or recycle every single acoustic product, down to the smallest part. To achieve this, we have developed a method where our recycling system takes over – the easy-to-use and environmentally friendly Circle.

Sustainability lives in everything we do, every day.

Let’s join for a greener future.

Is it important to you to positively impact the environment while upgrading your space at the same time? Our Circle will support you all the way, nicely and smoothly. This is how you can easily participate and contribute to a greener future. Let’s do it together following a few simple steps!

1. Contact us

Reach out to the BAUX customer service support team through phone
(+46 8 21 07 07) or e-mail. You will be asked to provide details about the acoustic products that you want to return, such as the type of items, quantity, and any specific information about their current condition.

2. Examination

Our team will examine the details you provided and propose how to proceed with the Circle programme. We need to examine factors such as the condition of the products, the location, and the feasibility of logistics.

3. Collection

Before collection, we will describe how you should package the products to prevent any damage during transit to the desired destination. Our logistics team will schedule a pick-up time that is convenient for you to collect the products from your location.

4. Transportation

Once picked up, the products will be transported to our designated facility for further processing. We will handle the transportation logistics to make the process as eco-friendly as possible. Dispatcher is responsible and will take the costs for transportation.

5. Inspection

At our Circle facility, the returned products will undergo a more detailed inspection. We will assess their condition and decide whether they can be refurbished or recycled.

6. Refurbishing/Recycling

Depending on the products’ condition, we will either refurbish them to extend their lifespan or proceed with the recycling process. Our aim is to minimise waste and make the most environmentally friendly choice.

  • Acoustic Wood Wool panels and tiles that cannot be refurbished will be ground down and used as ballast and filling material, moisture absorbent sprinkling, a substrate for running tracks, etc. No negative environmental impact arises when wood wool is deposed in nature, on the contrary, it adds a calcium supplement. When CO2 from the air binds to the cement particles, calcium is formed (i.e. carbonation).
  • Acoustic Pulp panels that cannot be refurbished will be ground down into smaller pieces and then returned in a circular process as raw material for new production. This process is 100 % circular without any material waste.
  • Acoustic Felt – Recycled PET dividers that cannot be refurbished will be ground down to fibres for reuse in other PET products, giving them a second life.

7. Documentation

When the refurbishment and recycling are finished, we will provide you with documentation and a certificate that outlines the steps we’ve taken. This documentation will be valuable for your records and sustainability reporting.

That’s about it. Now, let’s recycle together!

Our headquarter

Our showroom and office is located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. You’re welcome to come by at any time – but please let us know prior to your visit!

For international showrooms, please visit the international representation page.


Sankt Eriksgatan 106
113 31
P +46 8 21 07 07

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