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Wood Wool is now available in any colour!

One of the most common questions we get from customers around the world: “Can I order BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool in any colour I want?”

Our answer:

"Yes you can!”

Whether you want to go loud or keep it neutral, bringing custom colours into your next acoustic design project is an ideal way to make it more you!

Can I use any colour I like?

Acoustic Wood Wool products can be ordered in any colour of choice. For more information, contact [email protected].

Does custom colours cost extra?

There will be a small additional charge for designs covering less than 25 m². If the custom colour covers more than 25 m², there will be no extra charge. At BAUX, we have 20 colours in our standard palette – see our colour scheme for more details.

How do I order custom colours?

Contact your local BAUX representative to learn more about Acoustic Wood Wool custom colours and how to order.

The material behind the colour

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is an enviroment-friendly, recyclable material containing some of the world’s oldest building materials: wood, cement and water. Our factory is located in southern Sweden and the wood is collected from the forest in its direct surroundings.

The natural components together provide many functional characteristics

A functional, natural material

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is an environmentally friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics.


The moisture-resistant material evens out air humidity by absorbing and then emitting moisture into the ambient air. This contributes to a pleasant indoor climate which is good for both comfort and health. The high pH value also discourages mould and the material is not affected by rot.


BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products stores heat from the ambient air and emits it when the air temperature falls. This contributes to lower energy costs, reduced environmental impact and a stable and comfortable climate indoors.


The open material structure reduces sound reflections and makes BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool a good sound absorber. The material dampens noise and contributes to restful acoustics in residential buildings, industrial premises and public spaces.


BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products are A-Classed in surface burning tests by Intertek (ASTM-E84) and classified according to European classification for building products, DIN EN 13501, with rating B-s1,d0.


Measurements show that emissions from BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products are extremely low. The strong surface can cope with vacuum cleaning, and use of the product in restaurants and other sensitive environments show that the boards do not emit dust or particles.

Excellent sound absorption

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