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For Stockholm Design Week 2022, we collaborated with celebrated filmmaker Carl Engberg from Stavfel Production to produce a new film, looking behind the scenes at the innovative BAUX Lab. BAUX Lab is where product development begins through the careful testing and evaluation of materials and designs.

Sustainable innovators.

The film has been created to inspire architects, designers, and engineers by revealing two key parts of our core: an innovative approach to product development and our aim to become fully climate neutral. We have a strong belief that it’s possible to develop new acoustic materials that work with nature – not against it. 

Ahead of several new product launches for 2022, The film invites you to experience the inner workings and sustainable mindset of BAUX, with a first-hand look at innovative and nature-based product development processes.

We understand that finding a truly sustainable acoustic material amongst a wealth of suppliers is difficult and so presenting product development processes in a fully transparent way, is key in communicating to potential suppliers and customers.

“By releasing a film about BAUX Lab, we have made the clear decision to show the design industry how much effort, resources, and innovation it takes to bring something brand new to the market. We are proud to share what is going on in our lab and show first-hand, our innovative approach to product development”


-Fredrik Franzon, CEO of BAUX.

“We aim to be the natural choice when architects, designers, and engineers are sourcing sustainable materials. That is why we are currently developing a series of new and exciting acoustic materials to meet the very high expectations of the market – from recycled PET and fishnets, to making colors out of algae, and re-cycling jeans/denim from the fashion industry to push the importance of circularity”

Niki Gynnerstedt, Head of Sustainability at BAUX.

We aim for climate neutrality.

Since we launched BAUX in 2013, sustainability has been a fundamental part of our core business model. The sustainable mindset is part of our DNA. We aim for climate neutrality and hope to inspire and challenge our friends and colleagues in the design sector to do the same. We as an industry can no longer afford to ignore the part we play.

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