BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool
Yes, BAUX Wood Wool is a sustainable product. It is developed from natural, environmentally friendly materials and it has a long lifetime. BAUX products contain three natural ingredients: wood wool, water, and cement. All are sourced and produced in Sweden.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp
BAUX Acoustic Pulp is probably the most sustainable acoustic panel in the world that manages to combine 100% bio-based materials, 100% recyclability, 100% biodegradability and 0% pollution or waste in production – with performance properties of sound absorption, safety, durability and modern aesthetics.

BAUX Acoustic Felt
BAUX Acoustic Felt Recycled PET is made from the excess of unwanted plastics in the world. By selecting a product made out of recycled PET you contribute to a more sustainable world. BAUX can present a GRS Certified source of recycled PET, accredited by IOAS and sprung from various recycling entities across Europe. The material consists of 100% PET whereof 60-65% is post consumer recycled – it is also 100% Recyclable. The hardware is made from 100% recyclable metal and 100% recyclable plastic. Furthermore, we aim for climate neutrality across our entire business; from raw materials, to manufacturing, office environment and transportation. Read more about our environmental efforts here: https://www.baux.com/sustainability/

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