BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool
There are no recycled materials in BAUX Wood Wool products because the wood wool fibres need to be of a certain length to create the open structure that generates the functional requirements of BAUX products.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp
There are no recycled materials in BAUX Acoustic Pulp products. The wheat bran used in the panels is a residue from the Swedish agricultural food industry. The cellulose is borrowed from the Swedish forest, and the panels can be recycled multiple times and reused to make new panels or other cellulose-based products.

BAUX Acoustic Felt
BAUX Acoustic Felt Recycled PET is made from the excess of unwanted plastics in the world. By selecting a product made out of recycled PET, you contribute to a more sustainable world. BAUX can present a GRS-certified source of recycled PET, accredited by IOAS and sourced from various recycling entities across Europe. The BAUX Acoustic Felt hardware is made out of 100% recyclable metal and 100% recycled plastic, and they work for the entire BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt system.

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