BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool
Yes. BAUX Wood Wool is moisture-resistant and the high pH-value of BAUX products discourages mold or mildew, making it rot resistant. BAUX products are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pool areas. When using BAUX products in shower rooms, tiles or panels should only be mounted on the ceiling and not on the walls.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp
You should not install BAUX Acoustic Pulp in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms. If you install in kitchens you should avoid areas close to moisture.

BAUX Acoustic Felt
Using BAUX Acoustic Felt in kitchens with high levels of humidity or wet rooms is not recommended. Instead, we recommend looking at BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool. Wood Wool is a material that can be used in both kitchens and wet rooms.

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