BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool
For complete instructions and guidelines, go to our download section, or please contact BAUX at [email protected].

Applying BAUX Wood Wool with adhesive is the easiest and fastest way to install BAUX products. We suggest Pattex No More Nails since it performs well and has zero VOC. Other approved types are Casco Superfix and Loctite Powergrab. Pattex can be ordered through BAUX when placing your order.

Another option is to buy BAUX Wood Wool with magnets attached to the back of each tile or panel. When using this method you will need to mount the BAUX tiles or panels onto metal sheets or metal cassettes (these can also be ordered through BAUX) and the tiles/panels are then attached by hand and can easily be rearranged according to taste. The cassettes create an air-gap against the wall, which has the added bonus of improving sound absorption slightly. If you use magnets, bear in mind that the creative pattern of the tiles must be adapted to match the dimensions of the cassettes and sheets.

A third way to install BAUX Wood Wool is to use screws. BAUX provides touch up paint (85ml) for free in all orders to cover screw heads. This is the recommended method if you intend to install in the ceiling.

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