BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool
There are various installation methods for BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool: Walls: Small Tiles are typically glued or installed with magnets. Large Tiles and Panels are typically screwed into place. Ceilings: Small and Large Tiles can be ceiling-mounted using screws. Ceiling Panels are typically screwed in or installed using a Ceiling Grid system (BAUX can provide the Ceiling Grid). For installation advice or detailed instructions, contact BAUX at [email protected] or refer to the Ceiling Manual and our architectural toolkit page.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp
BAUX Acoustic Pulp is best installed with glue for a quick and straightforward process. It’s designed for indoor wall applications and is not recommended for ceiling mounting. For comprehensive installation guidelines, visit our architectural toolkit page.

BAUX Acoustic Felt
Each BAUX Acoustic Felt divider is equipped with a series of uniform grooves that fit seamlessly with the hardware. The cylindrical tracks lend flexible options for vertical and horizontal setups and static or adaptable configurations that can be tilted at an angle. BAUX Acoustic Felt is not suitable for ceiling mounting. For detailed instructions, please click here.

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