BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool
A Swedish company, Träullit make BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products. Träullit is a traditional family business, founded in 1946 by Lennart Rääf. Today it is run by his son Bengt Rääf. The company has a long history of making boards and panels from cement bound wood wool. Their factory is located in Österbymo in southern Östergötland. To meet international demand BAUX has also opened manufacturing units in the USA.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp
The Swedish company OrganoClick makes BAUX Acoustic Pulp products. OrganoClick AB was founded in 2006 based on scientific breakthroughs in methods for modifications of bio-fibers at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences and Stockholm University. In 2008, OrganoClick was awarded for its unique and “green” technology with the prestigious Swedish environmental innovation prize “Miljöinnovation”. The same year the company, recognized as the most promising startup company, also won the “Innovation and Technology Award”. In 2010, OrganoClick was appointed as a Climate Solver by the World Wildlife Foundation – WWF (www.climatesolver.org). Besides, OrganoClick was in 2011 selected as one of Sweden’s 20 most promising companies by the Swedish Institute (SI).

BAUX Acoustic Felt
BAUX Acoustic Felt Recycled PET is produced and shipped from Sweden. BAUX can present a GRS Certified source of recycled PET, accredited by IOAS and sprung from various recycling entities across Europe.

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