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Focus areas

Functional quite spaces for ultimate focus

The modern workspace is increasingly open, collaborative, and tech-driven. Despite the positive effects of this development, one negative outcome has been that its occupants are often stressed and distracted by excessive noise and a lack of privacy. The latest BAUX inspiration series covers a range of work and study spaces designed to promote creativity and collaboration without compromising privacy and focus.

Privacy and concentration

Dedicated focus spaces can be designed to accommodate private meetings, phone calls and concentrated work. Acoustic booths present a popular balance between collaborative open environments and private quiet areas. The application of acoustic wood wool panels and tiles minimises distracting echoes for a calmer and quieter space, and gives visual clues as to its function.

BAUX Patterns used in this project – Tie-0013 , Tiw-0021Tic-0057.

A calm place

Larger areas for intensive collaborative work also require acoustic solutions to ensure a focused and effective environment. Being able to hear each other speak is extremely important for teamwork, suggesting the need for better acoustic environments when dedicated meeting rooms are not always available.

BAUX Products in this project – Acoustic Pulp Panels

Meeting Booths

Making phone calls in an open office is rarely ideal; as a result, many companies install “telephone booths” for private conversations. Small acoustic telephone booths can be used to create a sense of privacy and separation from the main working area, as well as providing an interesting aesthetic feature to the space. Creative options abound when it comes to choosing colours and form.

BAUX Patterns used in this project – Tim-0155Pah-0007.

Customer satisfaction

Customer-facing spaces such as lounges and reception areas are often a hotbed of activity, and a result, generate large amounts of noise. To make customers feel at ease, it is important to impart a sense of calm rather than chaos. The popularity of minimal design has inadvertently created a plethora of spaces with sound-reflective surfaces and little in the way of furniture to absorb and diffuse noise. Unobtrusive acoustic panels and tiles can be installed to remedy this common issue, without radically changing the desired visual aesthetic.

BAUX Patterns used in this project – Tim-0155, Pam-0007

Made with BAUX Patterns

BAUX wood wool Tiles and Panels have brought the allure of the forest to all kinds of spaces, all over the world. Colors and shapes colliding to create beautiful patterns and incredible spaces. BAUX Patterns makes it simpler than ever to transform any space with a unique BAUX design.
The Pattern Tool covers a broad spectrum, from contrasting colors and creative mosaics, to stylish and elegant solid patterns made from both Panels and Tiles. With a few simple clicks, you can browse and filter the full range of patterns, products and colours from the pattern library!

BAUX Patterns used in this project – Tie-0061 (Solid colour)

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