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Welcoming areas

Create a warm and welcoming area

Hello! Salut! ¿Qué tal?! Privet! Ciao! Konnichiwa! Guten Tag! Anyoung haseyo! Olá! Asalaam alaikum! Selamat pagi! Nǐ hǎo! …och god dag of course!

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The art of creating a space to greet your visitors

The fundamentals of creating a welcoming environment are one of making your guests feel accommodated and taken care of comfortably. Different businesses require different solutions for this are however and depending on your room size and layout, for instance, but the primary function is commonly the same.

Acoustic solutions for this area depend on aural comfort and visible aesthetics. Usually, this is where your client or visitors get their first impression of you and understand your branding. You never get a second chance to make a first impression – right?

BAUX Patterns used in this project – Tiw-0015

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Lasting impressions, good or bad?

The first room in your office makes a statement about your company. The function makes it a place of activity, with visitors and employees come and go. When designed correctly, your experience should be a place of and activity and business without it being stressful for the inhabitants. Enhancing the design and acoustics in this environment might well be one of the most important aspects of any project.

BAUX Patterns used in this project – Tiw-0050

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Understanding your room

In a survey of over 350,000 employees across 2,700 workplaces in 69 different countries, it was revealed that 75% of employees consider noise levels as an essential quality in a productive workplace. Taking measures to improve workplace acoustics can make a big difference. Reduce reverberation in adjacent rooms and hallways to minimize distraction. Add different elements of acoustics solutions to your space, depending on the layout of the room.

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Made for human interaction

Reception or lobby should invite to conversation. It is the first meeting spot for visitants when arriving at your office. The first step to a successful business meeting or maybe even a doctors appointment is to make sure the area feels relaxed and comforting. The talks in this part of the office set the tone for the rest of the business relationship.

BAUX Patterns used in this project – Tim-0145

Have a strategy

Regardless of function, one of the fundamentals is to make a statement for your brand or organization. Start early and design to support collaboration and inviting. What is the purpose of this environment? What are your clients or your visitors and do you want to interact with them? Use different acoustic treatment options that correspond well with your colour scheme and furnishing. Cover distractions as much as possible and enable the perfect acoustical environment!

BAUX Patterns used in this project – Tim-145

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