BAUX Acoustic Felt - Recycled PET

Let’s close the loop on PET waste. BAUX Acoustic Felt - recycled PET is a next generation textile made from GRS certified recycled PET bottles sourced from recycling entities across Europe.

Certified recycled PET

You can be sure you’re really helping keep unwanted plastics out of the landfill. Acoustic Felt is made from GRS certified, used and recycled PET accredited by IOAS. 


Collected, washed and reimagined

Collected bottles are washed and chipped into recycled PET flakes, then melted down and spun into the recycled fibres that we use to make Acoustic Felt panels.


BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt screens

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Recycled PET Regular Colours

Light Grey


Dark Grey


Coral Red

Jade Green

Recycled PET Extended Colours

Opal Green

Hazel Brown

Topaz Brown

Ruby Purple

Pure Violet

Sapphire Blue

Cerulean Blue

The minimum order quantity for the extended colour assortment is 130 m2 of panels, allowing for a mix of different panel sizes.

The acoustic properties of BAUX Flexfelt system

Desk screens

Product measurements

Floor screens

Product measurements



100 % PET
Whereof 60-65 % Post Consumer Recycled content
Oeko – Tex Standard 100, class I
100 % Recyclable.

GRS Certified source of recycled PET
Accredited by IOAS

Source: Recycling entities across Europe

Material origins:

Instead of creating more plastic that could wind up in nature or the landfill, we made our felt out of recycled PET bottles. The GRS certified and IOAS accredited bottles are collected from recycling entities across Europe. After being washed and chipped into PET flakes, they are melted down and spun into the fibres we use to make Acoustic Felt.


The Acoustic Felt colour palette comes with six versatile colours primed for your acoustic design. Despite the material’s recycled origins, the process of chipping bottles into sortable recycled PET flakes makes it easier to produce a precise palette of colours. The BAUX Acoustic Felt palette ranges from a greyscale of Light Grey, Grey and Dark Grey to the more saturated hues of Khaki, Coral Red and Jade Green.

Made out of GRS certified recycled PET bottles sourced from Europe.

A regular assortment of six colours, from light grey to vibrant coral.

Extended colours exclusively for custom orders, subject to a minimum order quantity.

Cut into 9 versatile sizes to meet all your design needs.

Minimal number of hardware pieces to avoid unnecessary production.

Well-placed grooves for a perfect fit and flexible assembly.

Acoustic Flexfelt, a remarkably versatile system.

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