A look back at this years Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

February 4-8 at Älvsjömässan, Stockholm

Featured in image – Front of BAUX stand 2020
Photo by: Jonas Lindström

This year at the BAUX stand, named The Temple of Sound, we created a spiritual place for learning about acoustics; a calming environment for thoughts and reflections. At the stand, visitors were invited to study The Book of Acoustics, partake in the latest knowledge about sound, be inspired by interior design, and listen to guest speakers on the importance of good acoustics in public spaces.

The Temple of Sound was a playful construction, built out of BAUX’s sustainable sound absorbers in a combination of materials, namely Wood Wool in strong colours and Acoustic Pulp in more subdued, neutral tones. The stand has been created by Johan Ronnestam in collaboration with the design studio Form Us With Love. At Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2019, BAUX was awarded the prize “Best Stand”.

Featured in image – Neon “Soundwave” in interchanging colours.

Featured in image – The Book of Acoustics was read during SFF20

Featured in image – Inside BAUX Temple of Sound with +Halle “Levels” furniture

Featured in image – The Book of Acoustics inside the Temple of Sound

The Book of Acoustics

The Book of Acoustics was written in collaboration with a number of experts in the field of acoustics and launched during Stockholm Furniture Fair. The book provides guidance for architects, interior designers and entrepreneurs on acoustics and functions as a source of knowledge and inspiration regarding noise; an area relatively unexplored. Through interviews with psychologists, neuroscientists, acousticians, and designers, the book covers everything from the history of acoustics, how sound occurs and is controlled, to how acoustic design can increase creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

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Featured in image – The Book of Acoustics

The trend towards activity-based and open office landscapes continues to grow. Consequently, the demand for knowledge about acoustics among architects and designers is higher than ever. Sound absorption plays an important role for employees to remain creative, productive and happy. Here BAUX has a clear role to play. We must continue to take responsibility to spread knowledge and inspiration and simultaneously challenge ourselves to create climate-friendly acoustic solutions that meet that sustainable needs of the future.

Fredrik Franzon

CEO and Co-founder

Featured in image – More than 20 unique BAUX Patterns

Lectures and happenings

During the fair, BAUX became the place for talks and meetings. Thank you all for participating and joining us during the talks. We were inspired and we hope you were inspired too! Thank you to all our visitors and participators in the talks and leisures. Also, a special thanks to all our speakers and our moderator for making this happen!


The Temple of Sound hosted a lecture on the Brain and Sound with Barbara Canlon, Professor of Hearing Physiology at Karolinska Institute of Medicine, Stockholm.


We hosted a Panel Discussion on Design & Evolution of Office Spaces with John Löfgren, Design Director at Form us With Love and Fredrik Franzon, CEO at BAUX. Special thanks to our terrific moderator Konrad Olsson, Editor and Chief of Scandinavian MAN Magazine.


The Temple of Sound held a Lecture on Wellbeing and Effective Learning Environments with Christer Holger, CEO and Founder at Skapaskolan in Huddinge.

Featured in image – The Book of Acoustics

Oysters and Champagne

We celebrated the fair together at the annual Oysters and Champagne and music from a live DJ session at our fair stand on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you for coming by, meeting our founders and us!

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