BAUX Pulp Panels

The 100% bio-based BAUX Acoustic Pulp panel is the first in the world to uncompromisingly combine the performance properties of sound absorption, safety and durability with sustainability and modern aesthetics. The patterns of BAUX Acoustic Pulp Panels are inspired by folding paper and are available in 2 patterns: Origami Pulse and Origami Energy.

* All panels can be mixed and matched together. Observe that the patterns do not fully sync/align if put vertically next to each other

Acoustic Pulp panels are now stocked and available for immediate delivery. The production process has been automated and robotised, resulting in faster, better, and more efficient panel production. To place an order, please get in touch with your local representatives or email [email protected].

Mix and match patterns

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Patterns inspired by folding paper

We started by folding paper. For weeks, we played with a multitude of different origami and architecture-inspired lines and shapes until we discovered a series of simple patterns that both matched our aesthetic and provided acoustical benefits.

Unique by nature

Like all natural and bio-based materials, every Acoustic Pulp panel comes with unique variations brought to life by its blended organic origins of spruce, pine and wheat bran.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp drastically pushes the boundaries of cellulosic properties to a completely new level








Pollution or waste

Biomimicry engineered



Fire retardant

Water repellent

Colour made from wheat

Laser enhanced sound absorption

Excellent sound absorption

Pulp material and colours

Pulp Natural Wheat

Wheat 05%

Colour - derived from wheat.

The Acoustic Pulp panel – Natural Wheat is achieved using 5% wheat bran. With the three origami patterns, you can combine endless possibilities for harmonising with different space designs.

Pulp Bio Colours

Bio Blue Chalk

Bio Green Soil

Bio Red Mud

Bio Yellow Terra

Bio Rose Clay

Biodegradable colours.

A palette comprising subdued, biodegradable colours provides the opportunity to enhance acoustics while also honouring principles of sustainable design. The bio-based colours seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.


Forest Stewardship Council

The Cellulose used in BAUX product derives from a responsible wood source that is FSC certified. FSC’s pioneering certification system enables businesses and consumers to choose wood, paper and other forest products made with materials that support responsible forestry.

Declare Label

BAUX products are compliant to Declare Label and are therefore Red List Free and sourced with responsibility. Declare is a nutrition label for building products. It is designed to help specifiers quickly identify products that meet their project requirements.

Health Product Declaration

BAUX Health Product Declaration transparently details the contents of the product. An HPD is a standardised report of a product’s contents and associated health information, following the HPD Open Standard.

Red List Free

BAUX Acoustic Pulp does not contain any harmful chemicals and is approved to be free from Red Listed ingredients. Products with this label comply with the Living Building Challenge goals of ingredient transparency and industry-wide elimination of Red List chemicals.

Indoor Emissions

BAUX Acoustic Pulp offers superior indoor quality and is approved for several other emission standards. This measure inspires the use of low-emission construction materials, and the responsibility corresponds to the manufacturer of the product.

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology

BAUX Acoustic Pulp contributes positively to Breeam certification of buildings. Breeam is the oldest method of assessing, rating and certifying a building’s environmental sustainability.


BAUX Acoustic Pulp contributes positively to LEED-certification of buildings. LEED v4 is designed to up the ante with a more flexible, performance-based approach that calls for measurable results throughout a building’s life cycle

California Department of Public Health

BAUX Acoustic Pulp deliver superior indoor quality and is qualified according to CDPH. CDPH’s goal is to improve Californians’ health and well-being by issuing various authorisations to regulate professionals, facilities, and equipment.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp Toolkit

If you want all the files and instructions gathered in one package – look no further! This toolkit contains all the BAUX Acoustic Pulp files you will need.

  • Catalogue – (.pdf)
  • Brochure – (.pdf)
  • Installation manual – (.pdf)
  • BIM / Revit – (.zip)
  • CAD / 3d – (.zip)
  • Mounting DWG – (.dwg)
  • AI Files – (.ai)

Brochures & catalogues


View and download our latest web brochure. Fewer pages and higher resolution for print.
  • .pdf


The larger catalogue is web optimised for desktop viewing and the size allows the catalogue to be forwarded. The catalogue is made as a magazine and contains the story of BAUX Acoustic Pulp, Into the wild along with measurements.

  •  .pdf

Installation manual

See mounting and installation instructions for BAUX Acoustic Pulp Panels.

  • .pdf

3D files - Acoustic Pulp


For many working professionals, 3d and CAD modelling is an essential tool for visualising design for upcoming projects. Download all Acoustic Pulp files that work with AutoCAD, Sketchup, ArchiCAD, Rhino among others.

  • .3ds
  • .dwg
  • .dxf
  • .igs
  • .skp
  • .sldprt
  • .step


Revit files for Pulp products.

  • .rfa

Adobe files - Acoustic Pulp

Adobe Illustrator

All our acoustic Pulp products are featured as Adobe Illustrator files. An easy and efficient tool to make designs.

  • .ai

Adobe Photoshop

All our acoustic Pulp products are featured as vectorized photoshop files. An easy and efficient tool to make designs.

  • .psd


Material Data Sheet

In the material data specification sheet (MSDS) you can find all essential information about the BAUX Acoustic Pulp in a compressed way. See the measurements, material specifications, installation and general information about the acoustic Pulp in this material data sheet.

  • .pdf

Request Samples

If you are interested in getting colour samples for your upcoming project, let us know!

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Certificates & Technical Documents

Sustainability is a fundamental part of our core business model. Designing the sustainable acoustic building materials for tomorrow means producing environmentally friendly materials today. Find out more on our sustainability and certificate site.

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