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Declare Label for Acoustic Wood Wool and Acoustic Pulp

Declare is a label and product database that examines the origin, contents and end-of-life options of a product to increase transparency in the built and design marketplace. The Declare Label is our industry’s version of the product declaration, combined with an emphasis on what happens to a product at the end of its life-cycle. Declare is recognized and accepted by Leed, LBC, GreenStar and WELL. BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool and BAUX Acoustic PULP are compliant to the highest level, 1 out of 3. This means that both Pulp and Wood Wool are LBC Red List Free and compliant to the Living Building Challenge Criteria.
  1. Level 1: LBC RED LIST FREE products disclose 100% of ingredients present at or above 100 ppm (0.01%) in the final product and do not contain any Red List chemicals.
  2. Level 2: LBC RED LIST APPROVED products disclose a minimum of 99% of ingredients present in the final product and meet the LBC Red List Imperative requirements through one or more approved exceptions.
  3. BAUX – Level 3: DECLARED products disclose 100% of ingredients present in the final product, but contain one or more Red List chemicals that are not covered by an approved exception.

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