A message from our Sustainability Manager.

We can afford to do this.
But we can't afford not to.

Sustainability has been a fundamental part of the BAUX business model since we launched in 2013.

BAUX was born out of our profound love of nature. We’re constantly seeking to uncover potential, inspire change and discover new ways to make people’s lives better at work with sustainable acoustical solutions. It’s our passion. And it’s firmly rooted in the belief that our products should do more than serve as a functional solution or meet the contemporary design expectations of architects and engineers. They should also contribute to a better planet—both today, and for generations to come.

This is why we are so immensely proud to be able to say that BAUX is now carbon neutral.

We have pushed the boundaries so far that we can now measure our total carbon footprint for all the products we produce. This is an incredible milestone for BAUX as a company, and for the design industry as a whole.

Being this transparent, we hope to both inspire and challenge our friends and colleagues in the design sector to do the same. We, as an industry, can no longer afford to ignore the part we play.

Niki Gynnerstedt
Stockholm, 2021

“We are pleased to see BAUX ambitious sustainability efforts and their aim for climate neutrality.”

Miguel Naranjo

Programme Officer
Climate Neutral Now Lead


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