Acoustic ABC – knowledge 101

This guide to the basics of acoustics will give you more knowledge when designing your own soundproofed project.

When designing with acoustics, it can be tricky to know where to start. In this page we will go over some of the fundamental principles of sound control. If a given space is causing problems acoustically, there are three main approaches you can take: AbsorbBlock or Cover. These are known as the ABC’s of Acoustics.

For more information about how to create a good acoustic environment – see 1,2,3 acoustics here! 


Sound absorption refers to the process by which sound waves are broken up by a surface material, such as BAUX Acoustic wood wool Panels & Tiles and BAUX Acoustic Pulp. This type of sound control is especially useful in workplaces, schools, and hospitals; basically anywhere a lot of people might be making a lot of noise. Absorbing sound brings it down to a manageable level, which is better for our health, wellbeing and productivity.


Sound can also be blocked by means of barriers placed between the sound source and listeners. Walls, partitions and furniture all constitute blocking mechanisms of varying efficiency. In an industrial setting, for instance, extra layers of drywall might be used to block the sounds of machinery.


Covering sound is a more complex technique. The aim is typically to provide a layer of sound that reduces our ability to detect, for instance, intelligible fragments of noise or conversation. An indoor water feature might constitute a sound covering device. Artificial solutions might involve the use of a loudspeaker and prerecorded sound.

This is done by adding another layer of sound, such as with a water feature or prerecorded sounds played over a speaker system, such as within a mall.

+ (D)iffusion

A bonus tip: consider the role of acoustic diffusion. The diffusion of sound refers to how evenly the sound energy is spread out in a space. This is relevant for concert halls and recording studios; places where acoustic consistency are key. Products that provide acoustic diffusion, like BAUX 3D Pixels, reduce echoes by breaking up sound waves.

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We are proud to be a global supplier of our acoustical products. We deliver globally, including to the USA, from our wood wool factory in the deep forest of Östergötland, Sweden and our Acoustic Pulp factory located in Stockholm.
To save resources, shipping and time we now offer final production and warehousing in the USA and Australia.

We produce to order so you can order any quantity and combination of shape and colour you desire. The design options are endless and you can personalize any installation.

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