Interview #45 Karin Widell

Text: Matt Carey
Interview: Karin Widell from Wester+Elsner Arkitekter
Case: Sergelkonferensen, Stockholm

All around the world, architects and designers are using BAUX Acoustic Tiles and Panels in exciting projects for great brands. In a series of newsletters, we aim to introduce you to a selection of projects and the mind masters behind the designs of these acoustic artworks. Why? Because there are endless design possibilities to share with the world. We simply will call these newsletters Interviews #.

Today, we’re in conversation with Karin Widell from Wester+Elsner Arkitekter, discussing the interior concept for Sergelkonferensen.

How did your involvement in the Sergelkonferensen project come about?

Sergelkonferensen is part of a bigger project commissioned by Vasakronan, focusing on refurbishing and redesigning a retail space for offices and conference spaces. Wester+Elsner Arkitekter have overseen the construction, interior design, and styling.

Can you share some insights into the interior design concept?

Sergelstorget has some of Stockholm’s most iconic 1950s and 60s architecture, and the design concept draws inspiration from these buildings. Sergelkonferensen reflects this style, and the Manhattan ‘Mad Men’ era. We’ve used dark tones to capture that cosmopolitan cool feel throughout the space

What challenges did your team face during the project?

The primary challenge was the floor plan, as the building’s exterior dictated a long and narrow footprint across multiple levels. To ensure a harmonious flow, we strategically designed a sequence of rooms. Creating the right acoustic environment in the breakout areas where people gather was something we wanted to get right too. 

How have BAUX materials contributed to the overall design of the building?

The BAUX designs bring character, personality, warmth, and identity. Functionally, they’ve addressed acoustic challenges and they’re durable and beautiful. BAUX products are wonder materials! There’s just so many options and styles. Choosing patterns is like going into a candy store for designers!

Sustainability is a critical aspect of design today. How did you consider this in the choice of materials for Sergelkonferensen?

Sustainability is always something we consider. In this project, we opted for furnishing and materials sourced from recyclable or sustainable sources. For instance, the carpets are made from recycled fishing nets. We strive to work with materials that are both durable and recyclable, making BAUX an excellent choice from both perspectives.

If you could dream up a BAUX project, what would it be?

There’s so much creative potential with BAUX materials that I’d like to work with them in a restaurant setting, where we could explore colours and patterns. Given that restaurants can be noisy during meals or drinks, the acoustic benefits of BAUX materials would also be helpful in a restaurant environment.

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Sergelkonferensen by Vasakronan

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