Architect & Design Interviews #14 – Sophie Green & JetBrains

All around the world, designers and architects are using the BAUX acoustic tiles and panels in exiting projects for exiting brands. In a series of newsletters we aim to introduce you to a selection of projects and the mind masters behind designs of these acoustic artworks. We simply will call these newsletters Interviews #.

This week we’ve been chatting to interior architect Sophie Green about the JetBrains Munich Office her agency designed and developed.

What were your initial thoughts about this project?
JetBrains is a company that develops code, and we aimed to visualise the company’s identity around this. After a workshop with the client, we felt that we wanted to create a ”natural futuristic mood”. The finished space features dynamic lines as a continuous design element throughout the project; in flooring, furniture and wall graphics. We create spaces with impact – visually and emotionally – that attract, energise and inspire people.

Why did you choose BAUX products?
BAUX has a number of attractive characteristics that made it suitable for this brief: it is a natural, sustainable product, it has a pleasing design aesthetic, a variety of available colours, and of course high-end acoustic capacity.

How did colour transform the space?
In the reception area, we installed BAUX Wood Wool panels in white, complimenting the dynamic of the reception desk sculpture. In the cafeteria, panels in blue shades were used to define areas and integrate the multimedia wall, as well as adding a colourful touch of warmth and cosiness. Coherence was maintained by means of a consistent panel design pattern.

How did you choose the right pattern for the BAUX wall design?
It was a combination of intuition and seeing what worked in the space. We’re very happy with the result.

How have people reacted?
They love it! The space feels warm and welcoming with plenty of potential.

What would a dream BAUX project look like?
I would love to do a BAUX exposition, fair stand or pop up! Other than that, it would be great to use the panels in an unexpected way or an unexpected space. I’m not sure where or how – but it’s fun to think about!

Visit the JetBrains case to learn more about the project created by Sophie Green and the team at Sophie Green Interiors and Architecture. Or visit the inspiration page for other BAUX acoustic interior design projects.

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