Architect & Design Interviews #11 – Emma Olsen & AAT Australia

All around the world, designers and architects are using the BAUX acoustic tiles and panels in exiting projects for exiting brands. In a series of newsletters we aim to introduce you to a selection of projects and the mindmasters behind designs of these acoustic artworks. We simply will call these newsletters Interviews #.

This week we’ve been chatting to Emma Olsen, Senior Interior Designer at IA Group, about their project AAT Australia.

How did you hear about BAUX?
I heard about BAUX in 2015, via social media I was following during product launches for Stockholm Design Week and Clerkenwell Design Week. At the time Baux had no presence in Australia so I made contact with BAUX’s headquarters in Sweden to arrange samples and additional product information.

Would you use BAUX panels again?
Absolutely! We really enjoyed working with the product and using the design tool. It’s quick and simple to play around with ideas.

What would be your dream BAUX project?
We’d love to use the product in a large education or public transit buildings that have high ceilings and dramatic spaces. We’ve loved looking at the inspiring BAUX designs produced around the world and think that the product really shines with the added impact of scale and natural light.

The soft textural appearance of BAUX tiles and their acoustic properties drew us to the product. We really enjoyed the opportunity to adapt colour and design to suit the size and purpose of each room.

Emma Olsen

Senior Interior Designer
IA Group

Visit the BAUX AAT case page to learn more about the AAT project created by Emma Olsen and the team at IA Australia. Or visit the inspiration page for other BAUX acoustic interior design projects.

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