Architect & Design Interviews #13 – James Richardson & Festiviteten Bar & Scene

All around the world, designers and architects are using the BAUX acoustic tiles and panels in exiting projects for exiting brands. In a series of newsletters we aim to introduce you to a selection of projects and the mind masters behind designs of these acoustic artworks. We simply will call these newsletters Interviews #.

This week we have been chatting with James Richardson, about the Festiviteten Bar & Scene. An adored establishment that’s been serving generations of Hamar, Norway residents for the past 100 years.

What were your initial thoughts about this project?
From our first site visit, it was clear that this space had something special. Not only in its original architectural & interior features but also in terms of its place in the local community. As this was a long established cinema, the local community held warm memories of the venue. We wanted to build on that heritage while breathing new life into the space. It was paramount for us to retain as many original features as possible, while also having to deal with the practicalities of integrating the robust acoustic solution.

How did you hear about BAUX?
We have successfully used BAUX Wood Wool products for a number of projects to date in a variety of applications & we will continue to do so.

How did you choose the right pattern for the BAUX wall design?
The style of the original interior dates back to the art deco period & as part of this, we were fortunate enough to have the original circular wall lights still to reinstall. These large circular lights complemented the BAUX Wood Wool Curve & Arch patterns perfectly. So the BAUX acoustic panels rapidly became integral to our design from an early stage.

You choose curve and arch panels in this project, how did the curved lines change the design?
The curves on the panels worked really well when we re-installed the original wall lights over them. They were perfect for the Art Deco look we were keen to build upon.

What’s your dream BAUX project?
It would be good to continue the exploration when incorporating BAUX products into our projects to fully exploit the creative potential.

Visit the Festiviteten Bar & Scene case to learn more about the project created by James Richardson and the team at SJ Design. Or visit the inspiration page for other BAUX acoustic interior design projects.

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