Use your ceilings to create something beautiful

Photo: Jonas Lindström

Lamps loves us, installers like the simplicity and we like to hang upside down.

We are happy to announce that we’re adding a whole new product to the BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool family; BAUX Acoustic Ceilings.

Beloved material

Our new Acoustic Ceilings are environmentally friendly and recyclable as it contains two of the world’s oldest building materias: wood and cement. The combination is simple and ingenious. Read more about Acoustic Wood Wool here.

Mix and match

Choose between three different patterns; Pinstripe, Widestripe, Flat.

Choose between 20 beautiful standard colours or…

.. order in any customised colour of your choice. Whether you want to go loud or keep it neutral, bringing custom colours into your next acoustic design project is a sure way to make it more you.

Photo: Jonas Lindström

Designed by Form Us With Love


Form Us With Love is a Swedish industrial design studio operating from Stockholm. For eight years, the studio has put dialogue at centre stage for development, using design as a catalyst to position the design brands of tomorrow. Together the studio has partnered with craftsmen, engineers and material experts to challenge the conventional through design.


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