Scandinavian wood - made in the United States!

We are pleased to announce to all US customers that BAUX has launched its first overseas factory located in the United States. From June 1 (2017), BAUX is manufactured in the US and is available to all North American customers. BAUX will ship locally throughout the entire region from our US factory in Virginia.

Swedish wood-wool, refined in the USA.
The inaugural BAUX wood-wool is still sprung from the nature surrounding the factory located in the deep forests of Österbymo, Sweden. BAUX wood-wool is then transported in a cost and environmentally friendly way overseas to our local US factory to be refined into BAUX acoustic tiles and panels. Learn more about BAUX here››

Express Delivery.
Ordering BAUX in North America has never been more convenient! Lengthy lead times are in the past, now you can easily order all your acoustic tiles and panels for your next project without worrying about overseas or air transport. Estimated delivery time from placed order is now cut in half to 4-6 weeks.

Customs Free.
No more administrative forms or additional taxes for customers within the US. Faster delivery times make the ordering process efficient and time-saving.

US-based support 24/7.
Thanks to our local BAUX representation we can offer US-based customer support across North America. Our representatives will help you realise your acoustic projects and assist you with all information you may need.
See full list of US BAUX representatives here››

Local Fees and Costs.
Today, we supply the US market with the same listing prices as within the EU. With local production based in the US, transport costs will not be charged additionally for overseas shipping of BAUX acoustic Tiles or Panels. Payments are charged locally from the US and prices are listed in USD currency.

American Factory.
We are pleased to announce our first overseas factory located in Virginia, United States. A factory that meets BAUX standards, shares our values and pursuit of high quality and long lasting environmentally friendly products.

Local Representation.
With increasing demand from all over North America, we have increased our efforts to provide local support regardless of where your project is located. The BAUX representation is now available across the US, offering expertise, experience, support and technical assistance to your next project throughout North America. Click here to find your local representative here››

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