Three new dimensions - The BAUX 3D Pixel!

A Visual Sound Experience
We are proud to present the latest BAUX product. Available from today.
With its unique form, the BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixel offers a new and innovative way to improve acoustics in small-scale rooms and spaces.

Build Small, Think Big
By adding a three-dimensional structure to our product line we are introducing a new and exciting element of design as well as an added acoustic function. In smaller rooms, you may experience issues with fluttering echoes and early short sound reflection. The new BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixel is designed to both break up sound waves as well as absorb them. By adding a three dimension of different depths, the BAUX 3D Pixel absorbs and reflects sound better than any of our previous products.

We asked the photographer and visual artist Andreas Lübeck and Daniel Wallberg aka Smutskatt, one of Swedens most prominent and creative beat makers to play around with the new BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixel.
This is what they did!

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