Interview #40 Adrien Dupuy

Text: Matt Carey
Photo: Michel Giesbrecht
Case: Payfit Offices – Paris

All around the world, architects and designers are using BAUX Acoustic Tiles and Panels in exciting projects for great brands. In a series of newsletters, we aim to introduce you to a selection of projects and the mind masters behind the designs of these acoustic artworks. Why? Because there are endless design possibilities to share with the world. We simply will call these newsletters Interviews #.

This week we’ve been chatting with Adrien Dupuy, who works at Plato in Paris, about the Payfit offices.

Tell us about the Payfit project.

Payfit has seen significant growth and demand for their products, and they wanted to create a flagship workspace to run their business operations. They wanted the building to be designed to accommodate the future needs of employees, with flexible solutions for workers working remotely or on-site, so the building needed to support digital and in-person meetings.

How did you first hear about BAUX?

I first saw BAUX at Stockholm Design Week and just really liked the possibilities, colours and textures. There’s the possibility to match the materials to any colour scheme and use it as a palette to build from.

How have the BAUX designs improved the building?

We wanted to create a comfortable acoustic environment in the building, so we’ve used BAUX materials to reduce sound reflection in the meeting rooms. Aesthetically they also bring another dimension to the space, with the possibility to create unique designs in each of the meeting rooms. On this project, we involved Payfit’s employees in designing all the meeting rooms, so everyone felt involved in shaping the space.

Have the acoustics improved?

Acoustic design is a tricky thing, and you can spend a lot of money on treatments and materials. The BAUX ‘Book of Acoustics‘ was an excellent resource for us. It explains the different aspects of acoustic design and how you can effectively use BAUX materials. The BAUX designs we’ve used have been really helpful in reducing sound reflections that lead to echoes and background noise.

What would your dream BAUX project be?

My big interest is motorcycles, so creating a maintenance space or garage clad with BAUX materials would be cool. It would make it easier to work on the engines late at night!

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