Let us 'Prototypa' - Together!

This February 7th during the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Form Us With Love will host a prototyping workshop about BAUX at the old architectural school in Stockholm. The evening will be filled with dialogues and workshops under the theme of prototyping.

Together with the BAUX-founders and designers, we will learn about the particular challenges of prototyping and discover the ideation process that leads to a successful product. After the workshop, we will have some drinks and catch up!

You are invited, just remember to RSVP (here).

About Prototypa:
Prototypa is an articulation of where design is heading, an initiative by Form Us With Love, moderated by Lia Forslund. Founded in 2017 by Swedish Design studio Form Us With Love, an on-going conversation that nurtures the relationship between industry and creatives through exploring one of the most distinctive yet imaginative parts of the design process—prototyping. It is an articulation of where design is heading, a prototyping forum, peeking into the making process of the yet to be finished—revealing the instant, the iterative and the reactionary formulas used in making great design. The accumulation and evaluation of paper cuts, metal frames, cardboard shapes and 3D prints acting as platforms for communication, inevitable back and forths, negotiations, compromises and differences in opinion. Providing physical ideations from the industry—as opposed to finished products—unfolds a series of elevated performances, involving chance, accidents and intuition as well as, quality control, systems and methods of future advancement. The clash between the craft and machine become a central theme in the exhibition, as the works on display illustrate a significant shift towards an almost artful intersection.

Join us at Östermalmsgatan 26a in Stockholm for this workshop evening on the 7th of February!

What? – Prototypa Workshop.
Where? – Ahouse, Östermalmsgatan 26a 11426 Stockholm. (Metro: Tekniska Högskolan)
When? – 7th of February, 18:30-19:30.

Register here!

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