Three acoustic tips for a better shopping experience!

Modern shopping malls and retail spaces can be noisy experiences. The combination of loudspeakers, speech and sound bouncing off hard surfaces results in high rates of sound pollution – one of the most common complaints amongst shoppers and employees today.

Here are a few essential and useful recommendations for designers, architects and builders to achieve a favourable acoustic environment by using the BAUX acoustic products.

  1. Create a Stress-Free Zone
    A great solution for tackling the problem is to introduce safe sound environments where visitors and employees can go to relax. This is especially appreciated by senior citizens, employees on a break and others who seek to avoid noise pollution.
  2. Embellish the Meeting Spaces
    Professionals out on meetings find the sound disturbance at malls unfavourable and opt for other places. One way of tackling the issue is to use BAUX as sound absorbing decoration for restaurants and cafés to create an attractive climate for meetings.
  3. Think Bigger!
    The basics of noise reduction are simple: the larger area you cover with sound absorbents, the better the acoustics. Regardless of project size, BAUX offers a canny combination of form and function engineered to tackle any acoustic issues.

BAUX Acoustic TilesPanels and 3D Pixel are all proven sound absorbers offer a great way to create a sound controlled spaces for all environments with great benefits that meet the contemporary expectations of builders and architects today.

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