Interview with Architecture student Ghada Shaaban


Text: Matt Carey
Renderings of model: Ghada Shaaban
Portrait photo: Johan Ronnestam

Co-Creation is a transformative space, built to inspire architects or an advertising agency. This repurposed former warehouse is a dynamic and versatile space that facilitates both formal and informal meetings, encouraging creativity and collaboration.

Architecture student Ghada ShaabanTell us briefly about the environment you’ve been working on.
I’m interested in reusing old areas of cities, such as industrial areas. There are often a lot of resources and buildings we can reuse in these parts of cities. Often they have an impressive scale and their history lends a sense of curiosity and creativity. This building is situated in an old industrial area in Iceland, near the sea and nature.

What materials have you used?

The building’s large windows have been retained as the main source of light, and the original concrete structure has been left exposed. I’ve used BAUX PULP a lot in the interior to improve acoustics and love its feel and natural colouring.

What was the biggest challenge for you during the process? 

Deciding how to create a large, open, yet functional space for people to work in, that delivered on my goals for sustainability. The building is a bottom up approach, an example of resilient development. There are so many buildings that can be redeveloped.

How did you incorporate BAUX products into your model? 

I realised that good acoustics, in an open warehouse, could be a big challenge. I’ve used physics to plan the acoustics within the space. BAUX PULP clads the ten metre high interior sections and wood wool panels have been used on walls. The tents also help to break up sound reflections in the main space. I love the effect of light on BAUX PULP. The patterning is stunning. The material mixes beautifully with indoor artefacts like plants and outdoor views.

How is your model connected to the future of wellbeing?  

I believe our future of wellbeing depends on how we use our resources. We need to focus on creating more sustainable designs and climate friendly spaces. Reusing buildings and materials and finding sustainable innovations. Co-Creation is a place where people can collaborate and create connections. This is good for wellbeing. A calm environment will help people to create and spark ideas.

The interior has been designed around a camping environment, complete with small tents for informal meetings. The tents provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for teams to brainstorm and exchange ideas. The tents have been made from BAUX panels – the warm red wood wool creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while geometric patterns add a modern, sophisticated touch.

Taking inspiration from the natural elements, the design connects the interior with the surrounding landscape. Large windows fill the space with natural light, creating optimal wellbeing for workers. The open plan layout of the warehouse allows for flexibility and adaptability, with the possibility of reconfiguring the space as needed. The tents can be used for individual work, meetings, or brainstorming sessions, while the open spaces can be used for presentations, lectures, or team-building activities.

In any large open interior space, creating the right acoustics can be a challenge. BAUX PULP has been used extensively throughout the interior to dampen sound reflections, enhancing wellbeing and performance. BAUX PULP is 100% biobased and the material choice naturally compliments the building’s sustainable focus.

Ghada Shaaban grew up in Egypt where she completed an undergraduate degree in interior design. She has recently graduated from the architecture MSc Program at Lund University, with a specialisation in sustainable urban design. She is passionate about creating connected and healthy living spaces.

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