Architect & Design Interviews #1 - Fransisco Sarria

All around the world, designers and architects are using the BAUX acoustic tiles and panels in exiting projects for exiting brands. In a series of newsletters we aim to introduce you to a selection of projects and the mindmasters behind designs of these acoustic artworks. We simply will call these newsletters Interviews #.

This week we caught up with Francisco Sarria, a Product Designer and Interior Architect based in Copenhagen. We had a chat about his BAUX designs for KMPG’s offices in Copenhagen.

What made you choose BAUX for the KPMG project?
I had an idea to make a piece of art called ‘The Endless Change’ but the mechanics were too expensive, so I was looking for a product that could give the same impression in a big open space.

Where did the idea come from?
I wanted to make a central piece, within the space. I had the idea of bringing the harbor location indoors, to somehow put the sky and sea up on the walls. The large-scale designs bring the outside indoors. They give the space a calm, uplifting feeling. I wanted people to be able to look up towards the sky and feel chilled before a meeting.

Was it a simple process to create the designs?
Yes, because the samples on the BAUX website show many different examples, it was a very easy.

How have people reacted to the BAUX designs?
Corporate spaces can be a bit boring. Maybe there are some corporate graphics or some nice furniture, but this client wanted to make cooperate, cool. The idea was to encourage discussion and human interaction, so the space is more like an art installation. In that sense there is more meaning to the space. You can relax and talk. If you are sitting on the stones and looking up at the BAUX designs you’d be thinking, this is kind of different.

The flexibility of BAUX means many possibilities to represent a brand without using photographs or logos. We experimented with a number of colour combinations to give just the right feeling of sea and sky.

Fransisco Sarria

Do you have any plans to use BAUX products on any future projects?
I really want to use the 3D pixel tiles! It would be really exciting to do designs in 3 dimensions. I’m pitching for the interior of a digital start up in Copenhagen and I would definitely use the 3D pixels to create a playful space. The cubes are so digital.

Visit the BAUX KPMG case page to learn more about the KPGM project created by Francisco Sarria Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Or visit the inspiration page for other BAUX acoustic interior design projects.

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