BAUX showroom series #1 - Holland Denvir

Text: Niki Gynnerstedt
Photo: Denvir Enterprises

On several locations around the world, BAUX and our partners are welcoming guests to our showrooms. Here, we aim for you to get inspired, interact with other working professionals, explore our full product assortment, receive samples, and meet your local representatives. In a series of newsletters, we will introduce you to some of these showrooms(and to the people behind!). We simply call these newsletters: Showroom Series#

You’re the BAUX sales representatives on the west coast – tell us briefly about you and Denvir Enterprises!

Hej Hej! My name is Holland Denvir, and I am the founder of Denvir Enterprises and Work in progress. Denvir Enterprises is a multiline sales agency known for selling stuff that looks good with other stuff since 2020. At Denvir Enterprises, we strive to represent a diverse set of vendors that all have strong sustainability initiatives interwoven into their company foundations. Work in progress is our direct to consumer brand where we experiment with bringing joyful products to market, primarily through collaborating with vendors we represent at DE.

Through both companies, I hope to bring more delight into consumers’ lives, particularly in commercial sales, where I have found this to be rather lacking. More importantly, my goal is to create a work environment that is not only inclusive but where our employees can thrive and be passionate about what they do every day.

How come you’ve chosen to represent BAUX?

Representing BAUX is a no brainer. For us to represent a vendor, they have to satisfy a list of criteria: They must have a product that is both beautiful and timeless, share our sustainability-forward ethos and provide commercial-grade solutions. Lastly, they must run their business with
kindness. BAUX exemplifies these criteria.

You’ve just opened your new showroom, beautifully showcasing BAUX panels. Who created the design?

Kevin Lee, a local SF designer and a friend of Denvir Enterprises, designed our BAUX installation and helped us with the layout of the space. Kevin worked with us early on and is kind enough to lend a hand when we need design assistance.

What’s the goal with this new showroom?

We want to have a space for our clients to come and see all our wonderful brands – sit in all the
different chairs, see the beautiful finishes, and really experience the products before investing in
them for their projects. While our focus is on the interior design industry and specifically commercial furniture and finishes, we also want to open our space to people across various creative industries in LA – arts, crafts, design, and wellness. The goal is to create an approachable, creative hub. I think that both the art and design worlds can often be unapproachable and pretentious. With the showroom, we get to create the type of space and gallery that feels inclusive and hopefully attracts an audience that appreciates, wants to contribute, and hang.

Why should we give your LA showroom a visit?

We’ve been told visiting the showroom is a very refreshing and inspiring experience. When you walk in, you’re greeted with a rainbow of colors, a wide variety of textures, and big open windows looking out at downtown Los Angeles. After being cooped up in our homes for so long, it’s important to get outside, especially for designers. We pride ourselves in making the visit worth getting out of bed and putting on pants. Even for us, going in day after day, it’s still exciting to work out of the space. Speaking for myself, I am grateful to get to spend so much time in our showroom; it’s a special space with beautiful energy.

Can we explore the BAUX assortment in the new space?

Absolutely! We have the wood wool installation as well as a variety of recycled PET dividers and Pulp panels.

Can we receive BAUX samples if we come by?

You sure can! A large portion of our library is dedicated to beautifully organized BAUX samples.

Any upcoming events and happenings in the showroom that we should know about?

If you’re reading this, then definitely come see us while some of the BAUX team is visiting from Stockholm in October. Aside from that, we are starting an event series at the showroom with activities like yoga, stick n’ poke tattoos, sound baths, and breathwork workshops. Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know of all of our rather cool happenings.

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