Interview #27. Bart Kellerhuis

All around the world, designers and architects are using the BAUX acoustic tiles and panels in exiting projects for exciting brands. In a series of newsletters, we aim to introduce you to a selection of projects and the mind masters behind designs of these acoustic artworks. We simply will call these newsletters Interviews #.

Architect & Design Interview #27. Bart Kellerhuis

This week we’ve been chatting with Bart Kellerhuis, creative director at Zecc Architects, Holland, to hear about the BAUX products used in the Werkspoorfabriek project.

Zecc Architects has converted a derelict steel construction factory in Werkspoor, Utrecht, into a workspace for over fifty businesses and creative entrepreneurs. The building includes offices, workshops and hospitality spaces, all nested within this classic example of Dutch industrial heritage.

How did you hear about BAUX products?
We got a tip about BAUX from our design partner Wunderhund who we were working with on the main entrance to the Werkspoorfabriek. The Panels were exactly what we were looking for. We could work at scale and also create detailed patterns that change when you get closer.

What benefits has BAUX brought to the project?
BAUX has definitely helped to improve the acoustics. When the acoustics are right you feel more at home in a building. The entrance area feels warmer and more intimate. You can sit down in this big space and feel relaxed.

How did you design the BAUX wall?
Black is an accent colour in the building and it made the space more intimate. The tile patters are sometimes connected and sometimes not. They are like the threads of fabric. Sometimes patterns move from one panel over to another. Sometimes not. It keeps it interesting to look at.

How important was sustainability to the design brief?
Sustainability was very important. When you are reusing a building like this, you try to keep the materials you can reuse and then think sustainably when choosing new materials. Many of the people who work at Werkspoorfabriek have sustainable businesses. The factory is a symbol for regeneration in the area.

What would your dream BAUX project be?
If you doubled BAUX Panels for structural strength, it would be really cool to build a house only from BAUX Panels! They have good acoustic and insulation properties and it would be a really interesting structure to look at.

Why did you choose to use BAUX?
I first noticed BAUX products at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and fell in love with them! A lot of products offer function and aesthetics but BAUX is also sustainable. That’s the difference for us.

Would you use BAUX in future projects?
Absolutely, we love the material and the textures and colour combinations. There is so much flexibility, which allows you to create interesting spaces. It’s a very powerful tool for branding buildings.

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