Think bigger with Acoustic Panels!

We asked ourselves, how can we create a new BAUX product, for large or small spaces, without compromising the functional design of BAUX Träullit? This is the story of our new creation BAUX Acoustic Panels!

Acoustic Panels are made from the same environment-friendly, recyclable material as BAUX Träullit containing three natural ingredients – wood wool, cement and water. The new building tiles are larger, measuring 116×58cm, making it even easier to design beautiful acoustic designs for large-scale spaces.

The new BAUX Acoustic Panels, designed by Form Us With Love, will be presented at the Stockholm Light and Furniture Fair from the 3rd-7th February 2015. Visit us at the fair, booth A04:14.

Endless Possibilities!
With five patterns and 22 colors to choose from, you have all the elements you need to rejuvenate the largest of spaces. Benefits include sound absorption, lower energy costs, a reduced environmental impact and a stable indoor climate.

The Story of BAUX Acoustic Panels
You’re never far from the forest in Sweden. An endless evergreen canopy of spruce sweeps through the countryside. For many Swedes, the forest is a place for calm reflection. For us at BAUX, the forest is a source of renewable materials and boundless inspiration.

So where better than the forest to showcase our latest creation, BAUX Acoustic Panels?

We hatched a plan to create a BAUX installation in the pristine woodlands just outside Österbymo, southern Sweden. Wood wool from the spruce trees that grow in these forests binds with cement in our factory nearby, to create environmentally friendly tiles, with excellent acoustic properties and marvellous natural insulation.
But the real magic of BAUX Acoustic Panels is its ability to transform large spaces with remarkable geometric designs.

Work started early one October morning while the mist was still clinging to the evergreens. In Sweden the days get shorter quickly in the fall. The ease and speed with which these designs can be assembled meant our team of four workers was able to enjoy some Swedish fika (coffee and cakes) and still finish the job before darkness set in.

To document this project we turned to photographer Jonas Lindström. We’ve long been fans of Jonas’s work. We asked him to capture the story of BAUX Acoustic Panels – the journey from the forest and the transformational effects of BAUX designs.

What you can’t see are the positive effects wood wool tiles have on moisture regulation and sound dampening. Like the forest, wood wool tiling makes for a quieter, greener environment.
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We Are Here to Inject Some X into BAU!
BAUX is founded on the belief that building materials should be surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. BAUX designs, produces and markets construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders – without compromising safety and environmental standards. BAUX is a joint venture between entrepreneurs Johan Ronnestam and Fredrik Franzon and the founding members of design studio Form Us With Love: Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér.

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