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While the forests of Östergötland were taking a few deep breaths before their winter hibernation, we’ve been busy working on something special. Sweeping spruce fibres from our desks and grabbing our sketchbooks, we’ve been buzzing on the stories we’ve heard this past year.

BAUX wood wool tiles have brought the allure of the forest to all kinds of spaces, all over the world. Colors and shapes colliding to create beautiful patterns and incredible spaces. We were so inspired it sparked an idea.

Find design. It´s simple!

  1. Search, filter, find!
    Use the Pattern browser to find your ideal and unique acoustic wall decor. Navigate the toolbar and choose from a range of products, shapes and colors!
  2. Download the pattern folder.
    3D architectural and Adobe Illustrator files among other great resources available for download with each BAUX Pattern.
  3. We’ve done the math!
    BAUX has done the math for you; all patterns are repeatable indefinitely just like tapestry or wallpaper. Regardless of size!
  4. When you´re ready?
    Just contact us at BAUX and we will help you with your project!

More than 500+ unique patterns!
Months of planning and sketching has resulted in over 500+ new BAUX Patterns. All designs are unique and accessible to designers and architects worldwide, from today!

BAUX Patterns covers a broad spectrum, from contrasting colors and creative mosaics, to stylish and elegant solid patterns made from both Panels and Tiles. With a few simple clicks, you can browse and filter the full range of patterns, products and colours from the pattern library.

Easy to use – Choose, download, Build!
BAUX Patterns makes it easier than ever to transform any space with a unique BAUX design. Just browse through our Pattern collections and choose from over 500 designs.

See something you like? Click and download the 3D pattern file!
All patterns come with 3D architectural and Adobe Illustrator files available for download.

We’ve done the math!
Each pattern is designed to repeat like wallpaper so you can quickly calculate how many tiles you need for your wall or space.

Easy to design!
If you see a pattern that you like, you simply download it straight to your software and use or re-arrange to your preferences!

The process of designing a soundproofed environment has never been easier!
BAUX Patterns have been created using BAUX Square, Triangle, Hexagon, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Circle and Panels. Combining all five colours schemes including an additional mixed colour section.

As with all BAUX designs, wood wool tiles reduce sound reflection and regulate moisture so you’ll benefit from a healthier more inspiring environment all around.

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