Interview with Architecture student Anna Lawecka

Dangerous School

Text: Matt Carey
Renderings of model: Anna Lawecka
Portrait photo: Johan Ronnestam

Dangerous School is a school like no other. With space for three hundred students, Dangerous School has been designed to inspire and challenge students setting out on their learning journey. The school features a mix of traditional classrooms, open collaboration spaces and lecture halls, all designed to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Portrait photo of architecture student Anna Lawecka

Tell us briefly about the environment you’ve been working on?

I choose education because I wanted to address some of the problems that schools face, like boredom and skipping classes. When I thought about a school that inspires and challenges kids, I wanted to create the sensation of studying in a space like Hogwarts, which is a dangerous and adventurous place. These kinds of environoments require children to take responsibility and to take on challenges. With the Dangerous School design, I hope to make them understand that challenges help us grow. I hope that kids can grow together with the school as the background.

What was the biggest challenge for you during the design process?

Making areas that were challenging and getting rid of boundaries. I had the idea of collaging spaces – taking some spaces and shapes and connecting them in different ways. The schools isn’t dangerous but it’s designed to be a background for the challenges that kids will face in life. Corridors and classrooms can change and be transformed with movable walls to allow the building to be constantly adapted.

How did you incorporate BAUX products into your design?

BAUX materials are tactile and colourful so they naturally create curiosity – perfect for kids to feel inspired. That ‘s great for any learning environment, but good acoustics are essential in a classroom. BAUX designs are part of the moving walls system and the BAUX cladding creates better acoustics throughout the school. I’ve also used FELT floor dividers for extra sound absorption and flexibility within each space. The variety of colours in BAUX materials make it easy to  transition from one colour palette to another.

How is your design connected to the future of wellbeing?

Many schools make choices for children – where they need to be and how they should behave. I want to make the school about the kids. The whole building is a playground. Everywhere you look in the building you see something different and this creates the challenges that pushes children to explore. Finding what you can do by yourself and in collaborating with others, I believe, leads to a greater curiosity and resilience. This can positively affect our wellbeing now and later in life.

To compliment this unique design, BAUX products have been used classrooms, corridors  and open collaboration spaces to enhance acoustics and reduce noise. The BAUX designs add colour and texture to create a comfortable and inspiring environment for students. BAUX designs have also been used on the exterior to give the building a creative aesthetic.

With its sense of intrigue, structural flexibility and restful acoustic design, Dangerous School  school is the perfect environment for students to discover their future potential.

BAUX products used: Acoustic Pulp. Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles. Acoustic Wood Wool Panels. Acoustic Flexfelt Floor Dividers.

Anna Ławecka completed her bachelor’s degree in architecture in Poland. She’s now studying towards a master’s degree in sustainable urban planning and design at KTH. Anna loves to experiment with forms, textures, and structures. She is inspired by taking on challenges and creating art.

Visit BAUX during Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 to see all the models live. More info about Clerkenwell to come during the spring of 2023.

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