We at BAUX have decided to put effort, money, engagement, and decisiveness into fulfilling one of the United Nations goals—Goal 13—which involves making all areas of our business to become climate neutral. To achieve this, we have joined the Climate Neutral Now initiative, launched by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat.

Climate Neutral Now is one of several initiatives launched by the UNFCCC secretariat to increase climate action by engaging non-party stakeholders. It was launched in 2015 based on a mandate to promote the voluntary use of carbon market mechanisms recognised under the Convention.

“We are pleased to see BAUX ambitious sustainability efforts and their aim for climate neutrality.”

Miguel Naranjo

Programme Officer
Climate Neutral Now Lead

The process of joining Climate Neutral Now started with BAUX signing the Climate Neutral Now Pledge. Being part of this initiative means that we follow the steps outlined by the initiative, and report on our actions and achievements annually.

Step 1:

Our first step aiming for climate neutrality was to understand and quantify our emissions. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) is the most widely used international accounting tool for understanding, quantifying, and managing greenhouse gas emissions and working towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

CO2 emissions (% of BAUX total)

We've traced and measured all emissions from:

Step 2:

The second step we took was reducing our greenhouse emissions wherever possible. We, as an organisation, need to reduce our climate footprint as much as we can to ensure the credibility of any associated climate action.

Once we measured our greenhouse gas emissions and identified significant source activities, we identified actions we could implement to reduce the emissions generated from those activities.

During 2021, we reduced our emissions through:

Renewable energy at Stockholm Headquarters (agents not included).

Renewable energy in our Swedish and Australian factories.

Bikes for employees’ commutes.

Only necessary international travel.

Step 3:

Offsetting is a climate action that enables us to compensate for the emissions we cannot avoid by supporting worthy projects that reduce emissions somewhere else.

When we offset our emissions with Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs), we have chosen to take climate action through a process which is overseen by the United Nations.

We are aware that offsetting our Co2 emissions is not equal being Climate Neutral. However, we believe that throguh offsetting towards trustworthy CDM projects, we can help inittiatives that do good for our planet.

We have purchased CERs that are issued from trustworthy climate-friendly projects called Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. CDM projects take place in developing countries and contribute to their sustainable development. Each project goes through a strict and thorough vetting process.

Where are we offsetting?

We have decided to offset all of our emissions from the year 2021 by donating to renewable energy projects around the world. We have diversified our offsetting to cover three main continents; Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Cook stove project by Nkhata Bay District Read more

Solar Power Project by Baba Group Read more

Gangwon Wind Park Project Read more

Download Sustainability Report 2021

Step 4:
Report annually

We are committed to annually report our estimated Co2 emissions, reduction activities, targets, and offsetting projects.

Message from our Head of Sustainability at BAUX

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