Interview #38 Christoffer Marsvik

Text: Matt Carey
Photo: Lasse Olsson
Case: Kiviks Hotel

All around the world, architects and designers are using BAUX Acoustic Tiles and Panels in exciting projects for great brands. In a series of newsletters, we aim to introduce you to a selection of projects and the mind masters behind the designs of these acoustic artworks. Why? Because there are endless design possibilities to share with the world. We simply will call these newsletters Interviews #.

This week we’ve been talking with Christoffer Marsvik about the renovation of Kivik Hotel in southern Sweden.

Tell us how you got involved in the project.

We’ve been working on the renovation and expansion of the hotel since the current owner purchased the property, so it’s been a long standing partnership.

How did you first hear about BAUX

At Kamikaze we’ve been using BAUX materials for a long time, on a variety of projects, mostly school and office projects. We love the materials: they’re simple to work with and make a big difference in large spaces where acoustics are challenging. BAUX also give you the possibility to work with colours and patterns within the space.

Why did you choose to use BAUX products in the spa area?

We did it for a number of reasons, firstly to improve the acoustics, but the BAUX wood wool tiles also retain moisture so that was another benefit for a pool or spa area. What’s really interesting though is the wood wool tiles seem to be even more effective in dampening sound reflections in these kinds of high humidity environments. So we’re really happy with the application and result.

That’s really interesting! Have you noticed any other benefits

Aesthetically the BAUX materials are beautiful to work with. They give life to a room. Many acoustic panels just have a flat surface but the wood wool fibres in BAUX products bring textures to the space.  We also love that BAUX products are sustainable. You can see the wooden fibres in the material. It’s a very honest product.

What would your dream BAUX project be?

We typically use natural wood wool tones on school projects, but it would be cool to have fun colours, to be more playful in a school building and use many different patterns in different rooms. Hopefully, we get the chance soon!

More about Kiviks Hotel here.

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